Fallen To Pieces
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    Contemporary Romance
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Ryker tells Gia he loves her.Blayne shows her he loves her.Gia watches Blayne high five a guy one day in the coffee shop, and hears him comment, “I got this.” That stuck with her and Gia later recalls that was the same guy in high school that Blayne bet he could steal a kiss from her in junior high. Blayne successfully did capture her lips briefly and won the bet. Now there seems to be another competition again enticing Blayne.Gia is so caught up with Blayne showering her with kindness that her clarity is shot. Could he be playing her again?She is clearly slipping away from Ryker. What she doesn’t know is Ryker is aware of his mean side and needs to do something if he is to keep Gia in his life.In the meantime, will she find Blayne, the man she should be with, hoping for a real chance at love because he shows her more attention or does she already have it all with Ryker and perhaps he will turn their relationship around for the better?
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