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Once upon a time, people were so scared of elves and fae that they hung knives and scissors over their children's cradles to keep them from being stolen away. Nowadays, no one even believes in them - or if they do, they think of them as cute, friendly, little creatures that spread love and joy.

They couldn't be more wrong.

When Stray, a runaway foster kid, stumbles into the space between the Eldritch world and his own, he is forced to accept their existence - and forced to fight for his life. To escape, he allies himself with two other teens, who he quickly realizes are just as dangerous and unstable as the Eldritch themselves. Blaire was a junior beauty queen until she was kidnapped by the fae. Now she lives for revenge. Declan is a fourteen-year-old diagnosed sociopath, who's been trained since birth to slay the supernatural.

Together, the three misfits make a dangerous, volatile team, but the Eldritch will not let them get away so easily. And soon Stray begins to realize he is more a part of this world of illusions and insanity than he could have ever suspected . . .
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