Deceptive Truth
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Andrew Davidson goes from college student and track
decathlon competitor to president of the United States,
something he didn’t ask for or pursue. How he got here and
the secrets he has hidden from everyone now come into full
view. His country and the world are on the brink of war, and
parts of his past may help save millions of lives. Only a few
know the truth about what he did, and some want to use that
knowledge for financial and personal gain.

The power plays triggered by a hidden group encircle the
globe and include a major conflict Andrew must prevent. They
have the resources and people in all the right places, including
the director of the CIA. Andrew must discover the very few
around him he can trust. His links to the past both help and
hinder. Each person has an agenda in conflict with the others.
What Andrew’s army squad witnessed a long time ago now
comes back to haunt the world.

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