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    Political Thriller


    Andrew Davidson goes from college student and track decathlon competitor to president of the United States, something he didn’t ask for or pursue. How he got here and the secrets he has hidden from everyone now come into full view. His country and ...

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    Nick Phillips, cardiologist, loses his wife and unborn child in a tragic car accident. All his years of training are of no use as they die before his eyes in the emergency room. In grief he steps away from medicine, hiding from himself and the world,...

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    General Fiction


    The big ugly troll waits under the bridge for the goats to cross. First comes the smallest goat, then the middle-sized one. Both convince the troll to wait for their older brother, as he will make a much better feast. But when the biggest goat passes...

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    General Fiction


    When Addie finds a pair of old mittens and tries them on, it suddenly begins to snow, to the delight of all the children. Realizing the mittens' magical gift, she decides to make it snow and snow--until a blizzard commences and she is unable to take ...

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