Deadly Sleepwalker, An Adaline and Genevieve Adventure
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“I found a severed head in my bed this morning when I woke up and I don't know how it got there,” is the opening sentence uttered by SIR EDWARD COLEGRAVES in the new, brilliantly written Adaline and Genevieve Adventure, Deadly Sleepwalker. Over the course of a year and a half many strange, and sometimes intimate items have found there way into his bed. The severed head happens to belong to AGATHA ALEXANDER, the nineteen year old daughter of the prominent, but trouble, largest financier and banker in England.SIR EDWARD COLEGRAVES hires Victorian female detectives, LADY ADALINE and LADY GENEVIEVE HALVERSON to find out how these things keep ending up in his bed. The Ladies Adaline and Genevieve, sisters raised with all the privileges their well to do family could provide and educated in the finest schools in England took up detecting to solve a series of grisly murders happening in their own house. (Deadly Wives)Does Sir Edward Colegraves walk in his sleep and has no memory of what happens while he sleepwalks?Scotland Yard Detective Superintendent RYCROFT WOODRUFF thinks Sir Edward, who is not really a Knight of the Realm, but considers him some form of mental deficient. Woodruff can't comprehend how a grown man doesn't know what is happening around him and how he knows nothing about the strange things that keeps mysteriously appearing in his bed? Woodruff thinks Edward is guilty as sin of the murder of Agatha Alexander and is willing to use the threat of violence to encourage him to confess his misdeeds.LENA COLEGRAVES, Edward's mother, is a bitter old woman about the life she had been dealt and for whom nothing goes right for her, at least the way she thinks it should be right. She belittles her son every chance she has. She insult his masculinity to the point he has no masculinity left. She wouldn't be upset if he went the way of his father, to his grave. Edward Colegraves is deathly afraid of his mother's wrath.LATHROP JONES, a former Halverson footman and sergeant in her majesty's army whose expertise was apprehending and prosecuting military criminals, now using his knowledge, investigative skills and muscle for Adaline and Genevieve's investigations, feels deeply Edward is innocent. Over the course of their investigations Detective Superintendent Woodruff's and Lathrop Jones' opinion of Edward Colegraves' guilt switches.Adaline rents the flat across the street from the Colegraves flat for Lathrop Jones to watch the Colegraves' flat to prove or disprove, Edward Colegraves walks in his sleep. While watching the flat in the predawn hours of the morning, Lathrop Jones witnesses many strange and interesting happenings on the street below.Lady Adaline, Lady Genevieve, Lathrop Jones and Detective Superintendent Woodruff join forces to catch Agatha Alexander's murderer before he can kill and mutilate again.
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