Dance for Two
One moment she stood triumphant before an adoring New York audience, a principal ballerina with a skyrocketing career ahead of her, the next she was shaking with uncontrollable emotion in Drake Taylor's powerful arms.

Why had he come now, just as the world was about to give her the acclaim she'd worked so hard to achieve? Six years ago Kendall Lawrence had known the truth--she could never be Drake's devoted wife. She'd left him, left Rilsa, to join the Manhattan Ballet. The past was over Gone. Yet standing before her- rich, successful, devastatingly handsome- his electrifying sensuality still dazed her. He inspired desire so intense, it had once confused her -- a desire that battled her lifelong goal to be a great dancer. Now, no matter how she ached for him, no matter what she felt she could never ever allow that to happen again.
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