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Riley Farr wants to get away from the office grind and climb mountains. She dreams of finding a partner who wants to taste the peaks, and enjoys a demanding woman who likes to be on top. The climber's she's sampled so far have been more interested in their own climaxes than getting her to the top. A woman who likes dangling from her fingertips from a cliff face isn't about to settle for just an average guy.

Mason Jenkins hasn't managed to impress his climbing guide, perhaps because he's too focus on her gorgeous ass as he belays her on the mountain. Mesmerized by her nerve, skill, and those dangerous curves, he's been slowing her down and pissing her off. He'd like to show her how much he appreciates a confident woman who enjoys being on top. So, in order to get her attention, he challenges her to a race up one of the slopes. When he wins their bet he hopes Riley heats up because he's tired of the chilly weather and her equally chilly disposition.

But something's holding Riley back. Oh she's willing to get into a fantasy, but the real live man in the next tent is just too dangerous. Mason is the kinda guy you can get hooked on and she knows that men like Mason don't stick around.

It isn't until she suffers a mishap and they stumble upon an Indian burial cave where the past whispers its secrets, and Riley comes to grips with the fears which have been holding her back from being with Mason.

Only Mason freezes up on her after their experience in the cave. But she won't let that stop her because she's likes a challenge. Her super hot fantasies hadn't found a real live guy to measure up -- now she thinks Mason may be the one. But she'll have to warm him up to the idea.
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