By My Side
“You don’t need to carry everyone else all of the time. For once, you need to let yourself be carried.”

Derek Bradshaw has always been driven to succeed. He’s a published author on the edge of a breakthrough when he shoulders the responsibility of his family’s failing downtown Catlett’s Cove bookstore. He’s struggling to stay afloat and doesn’t realize his lifeline is by his side where he’s always been.

Yale Preston, Derek’s best friend, has always come up with great ideas for personal success, but he’s never achieved any of them. He spends nearly all of his time piecing together a series of part-time jobs and one-time gigs to manage rent money.

When Yale sees Derek, the man he’s always desired as more than a friend, start to flounder, he wants to dive in to save him, but he’s not sure exactly how. What he does know is it will require both men taking the risk of exposing the secrets held deep in their hearts.

By My Side is a 50,000 word friends to lovers romance set in the same world as The Practice, but is readable as a standalone. There are steamy scenes and a happily ever after ending.

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