Another Spring

Black clouds, fat with rain, bunched together to obliterate the sun. Lightning rent the black veil, followed so immediately by an explosion of thunder that the three in the ancient buggy knew the strike was close.

Spring is in full bloom when the uncontrollable forces of nature hurls all of its fury against the settlers of the beautiful Columbia Valley. The loss of innocent lives and tender, new crops spurs Courtney and
Clint Desmond, their love restored and strengthened following the loss of their first child, to turn all of their efforts to helping their neighbors rebuild.

Strange sounds coming from the woods surrounding Rambling Gate lead to the discovery that there may be more to fear from foolish and devious men than from killer storms, and old family rivalries resurface when tragedy entangles Courtney and Clint in a custody battle for Courtney's sister's young twins.

The seasons rush on as the pioneer families work together to solve the mysteries of Rambling Gate and overcome the hardships of settling the Northwest Territory. Summer, fall, winter ... finally, another spring arrives.

As spring returns, the pioneers are filled with the anticipation of new life, and miraculous events prove to Courtney that God's promises to the faithful can be fulfilled far beyond human dreams.
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