Aces High

Skye Prescott was tall, dark and dangerous, a man who'd never forgotten how Katrina Keller had betrayed him years before...and never stopped hating himself for wanting her still. In a world where survival depended on suspicion, he'd fallen in love--and it had broken him as violence never had. When the beautiful redheaded ghost from his past reappeared in his life, Skye was filled with fury, hurt, a desire for revenge...and an aching hunger to make Katrina burn for him again. Katrina had fought her memories, had tried to heal the pain of losing Skye by building walls around her heart, but once she was in his arms, she couldn't fight him--or her own primal passion. Skye had marked her once as his, had branded her soul. She was his match, his mate--but belonging to him body and spirit gave him the power to destroy her. Now that Skye faced his most violent enemy, Trina knew the gamble. Could she help her beloved renegade come back alive?
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