Ace Carroway and the Handsome Devil
It's 1921 and the world mourns the disappearance of aviatrix Cecilia "Ace" Carroway, lost during a 'round-the-world attempt. Barely, Ace survives what she knows was an assassination masterminded by underworld kingpin Darko Dor. In secret, she gathers her five wartime comrades and opens a detective agency, intending to hunt Dor and his ilk.

Before the paint dries on the door, Ratface the mugger strikes, a chemist is kidnapped, and rumors surface of a shadowy hideaway called Smuggler's Crossroads.

Furthermore, at her very first public appearance, a pair of handsome gentlemen vie for her attentions in outrageous style. Is this shower of fragrant flowers and honeyed words too good to be true?

Why, yes. Yes, it is. It's a trap, and if Ace doesn't connect all the clues in time, the shadowy Darko Dor will win another victory.

You'll love this this book if you like: Peril. 1920s New York. Female pilots dealing with post-crash facial scars. Guys in trench coats. Guys in suits. Black market abductions. Ford roadsters with running boards. Brawls. Clipped sentences. Rotary dial telephones. Roses. Hamlet. Cowboy drawl. Tommy guns.

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