A Darkness on the Stairs
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She lived in terror of the ghostly presence of a woman she had never known.

They were a household possessed by the memory of a tragedy.

This, lovely young Oriel Quentin thought, was what was wrong with everyone at Harrowdene, from her Uncle Basil, who had never recovered from his mother's sudden death, to the housemaid who still swore she'd seen Calista Blake's ghost upon the tower stairway.

Why, even that handsome biographer Joel Hendry had at first seemed more interested in Oriel because she was the exact image of her famous grandmother than for any more agreeable reason. But Joel soon became her only friend in a castle where everyone could only compare her to the famous poetess she so resembled.

For though Oriel was at first amused and the annoyed by the influence Calista still held over everyone at Harrowdene, she soon found her amusement turning to terror and her annoyance becoming a desperate need to escape, perhaps with Joel's help, from a house that offered only increasing danger to a girl with the face of a woman long dead . . .
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