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    Space Vengeance "I am omnipotent and omniscient. I want every man on every planet to shudder and grow pale when he thinks of Me. For I have suffered gross injuries that must be avenged..." This sinister message - and a loathsome serpent-like tradema...

  • The Legion of Space is a science-fiction novel by the American writer Jack Williamson. It was first published in book form by Fantasy Press in 1947 in an edition of 2,970 copies. The novel was revised from a version that was originally serialized in ...

  • In the second book in the Legion of Space series, Jay Kalam, Hal Samdu, and Giles Habibula fight The Cometeers, an alien race of energy beings controlling a "comet" which is really a giant force field containing a swarm of planets populated by their ...

  • Decades after the murderous assaults on the civilized worlds by the Medusae and the Cometeers—worlds protected by the Legion of Space—the Hawkshead Nebula is a new setting of danger and intrigue. Jil Gyrel is a lonely girl on a dismal pla...