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    26 Books
  • First:
    December 2005
  • Latest:
    June 2020
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1 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
2 Space Opera / SO 5 Buy
3 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
4 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
5 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
6 Space Opera / SO 4 Buy
7 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
8 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
9 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy

10 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
11 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
12 Space Opera / SO 5 Buy
13 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
14 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
15 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
16 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
17 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
18 Space Opera / SO 0 Buy
19 General Fiction / GF 0 Buy
20 General Fiction / GF 0 Buy
21 General Fiction / GF 0 Buy
22 General Fiction / GF 0 Buy
23 Science Fiction / SF 0 Buy
Science Fiction / SF 0 Buy
Science Fiction / SF 0 Buy
Science Fiction / SF 0 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Stargate Atlantis

  • Sally Malcolm
    Book - 1

    Atlantis will rise again... Following the discovery of an Ancient outpost buried deep in the Antarctic ice sheet, Stargate Command sends a new team of explorers through the Stargate to the distant Pegasus galaxy. Emerging in an abandoned Ancie...

  • Martha Wells
    Book - 2

    Knowledge is power... While exploring the unused sections of the Ancient city of Atlantis, Major John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay stumble on a recording device that reveals a mysterious new Stargate address. Believing that the address may lead t...

  • Sonny Whitelaw; Elizabeth Christiansen
    Book - 3

    Born to rule...With Ancient technology scattered across the Pegasus galaxy, the Atlantis team is not surprised to find it in use on a world once defended by Dalera, an Ancient who was cast out of her society for falling in love with a human.But in th...

  • James Swallow
    Book - 4

    Might makes right...In their ongoing quest for new allies, Atlantis's flagship team travel to Halcyon, a grim industrial world where the Wraith are no longer feared - they are hunted.Horrified by the brutality of Halcyon's warlike people, Lieutenant ...

  • Sonny Whitelaw
    Book - 5

    The eye of the beholder...When Dr. Carson Beckett disturbs the rest of two longdead Ancients, he unleashes devastating consequences of global proportions.With the very existence of Lantea at risk, Colonel John Sheppard leads his team on a desperate s...

  • Martha Wells
    Book - 6

    Leap of faith... When Dr. Rodney McKay unlocks an Ancient mystery on a distant moon, he discovers a terrifying threat to the Pegasus galaxy. Determined to disable the device before it's discovered by the Wraith, Colonel John Sheppard and his ...

  • Sonny Whitelaw; Elizabeth Christiansen
    Book - 7

    Burden of command... It's a dark time for Atlantis. Following the first Asuran clashes, Colonel Sheppard is buckling under the strain of command. When his team discovers Ancient technology which can defeat the Asuran menace, he is determined that...

  • Sonny Whitelaw
    Book - 8

    Creatures of the night... When a series of gruesome murders are uncovered around the world, the trail leads back to the SGC -- and far beyond... Recalled to Stargate Command, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Colonel John Sheppard, and Dr. Rodney McKay are s...

  • Sabine C. Bauer
    Book - 9

    An all new novel based on the hit TV series, Stargate Atlantis, which has won the People's Choice Award for favorite SciFi show. Follow the team of soldiers and scientists as they attempt to unravel a new mystery in the Pegasus Galaxy. Mirror, Mirror...

  • James Swallow
    Book - 10

    The rock of Aegis... Deception and lies abound on the peaceful planet of Heruun, protected from the Wraith for generations by their mysterious guardian -- the Aegis. But with the planet falling victim to an incurable wasting sickness, and two...

  • Peter Evans
    Book - 11

    Fear to tread... With their core directive restored, the Asurans have begun to attack the Wraith on multiple fronts. Under the command of Colonel Ellis, the Apollo is dispatched to observe the battlefront, but Ellis's orders not to intervene are q...

  • Chris Wraight
    Book - 12

    Deep freeze Trapped on a planet being consumed by a runaway ice age, Colonel Sheppard and his team discover a people -- and a mystery -- long disregarded by the Ancients. With the Stargate inoperable and their Puddle Jumper damaged, the...

  • Aaron Rosenberg
    Book - 13

    When the hunted become hunters... Ronon Dex is a mystery. His past is a closed book and he likes it that way. But when the Atlantis team triggers a trap that leaves them stranded on a hostile world, only Ronon's past can save them -- if it d...

  • Jo Graham
    Book - 14

    Colonel John Sheppard knows it's going to be a bad day when he wakes up in a downed Jumper with a head wound and no memory of how he got there. Things don't get any better. Concussed, far from the Stargate, and with his only remaining team mate...

  • David Niall Wilson
    Book - 15

    Doctor Rodney McKay can't believe his eyes when he discovers a moon leaving planetary orbit for a collision course with its own sun. Keen to investigate, he finds something astonishing on the moon's surface - an Ancient city, the mirror of Atlantis.....

  • Melissa Scott; Jo Graham
    Book - 16

    Atlantis has returned to Earth. The team members have dispersed and are beginning new lives far from the dangers of the Pegasus galaxy. They think the adventure is over. They're wrong. With the help of General Jack O'Neill, Atlantis rises once ...

  • Jo Graham; Amy Griswold
    Book - 17

    Finders keepers... Reeling from the terrible events of STARGATE ATLANTIS Homecoming, the expedition team members are doing whatever it takes to fi nd Doctor Rodney McKay - even if it means turning to their enemies for help. While Colonel Sheppa...

  • Melissa Scott; Amy Griswold
    Book - 18

    Enemies and friends Reeling from the shocking discovery of Rodney McKay's fate, Colonel Sheppard and his team retreat to Atlantis to regroup. With Rodney not only in the hands of the Wraith, but apparently working for them, Atlantis faces a new d...

  • Jo Graham
    Book - 19

    The Enemy WithinWhen disaster strikes, the Atlantis team resort to desperate measures in their bid to save Doctor Rodney McKay from the clutches of Queen Death. With the lives of McKay and Colonel Sheppard at stake, Teyla Emagan must once again assum...

  • Melissa Scott; Jo Graham
    Book - 20

    Old secrets, new truths…It is the aftermath of battle. Scattered and struggling to regroup, Colonel Sheppard’s team face their darkest days yet in the war against the Wraith Queen, Death.Continuing her perilous masquerade as Queen Steelflower, Te...

  • Melissa Scott; Jo Graham
    Book - 21

    End gameThe battle lines are drawn. Queen Death is mustering her fleet. But who will stand against her?As conflicts and betrayal threaten to shatter Atlantis’s fragile alliances with Guide’s Wraith and the Genii, humanity’s only hope of surviva...

  • Jo Graham; Amy Griswold
    Book - 22

    Blurb for SGA: UnascendedFront strap line: The journey home starts from withinSubheading: Lost and Found...In the fragile peace following Queen Death’s defeat, Dr. Daniel Jackson arrives in Atlantis to indulge in some real archaeology. Naturally, ...

  • Melissa Scott; Jo Graham
    Book - 23

    New beginnings...Elizabeth Weir and Ronon Dex are prisoners of the Vanir, whose damaged ship is plummeting into the mountains of Sateda. Meanwhile, Atlantis is in lock down, infected by a virulent contagion, cut off from the rest of the galaxy. And t...

  • Melissa Scott

    Told from the point of view of the Wraith, this novella sees the Atlantis team called upon to help find a missing Wraith queen, lost on a plague-ridden world. But the shifting tides of trust and mistrust among the Wraith and between the Lanteans and ...

  • Melissa Scott

    In deep danger…In the peace following Atlantis's treaty with the Wraith, Ronon Dex's homeworld of Sateda is rebuilding after the devastating Wraith cull that almost destroyed its civilization.Hoping to restore power to the capitol, Ronon and Dr. Ra...

  • Melissa Scott

    Pride before a fall...As guests of Chief Ladon Radim, Colonel Sheppard's team witness the launch of the Genii's first starship - Pride of the Genii.Radim needs the Pride's first mission to be a success if he's going to control the hard-line opponents...