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    July 2004
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    August 2023
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The Sigma Force Series in Order (23 Books)

Order Book Date Rating
1 5
2 5
3 5
3.5 (ss) 4
4 5
5 5
6 5
6.5 4
7 5

7.5 (e) 4
8 5
9 5
10 5
10.5 (e) 4
11 5
11.5 (e) 4
12 5
12.5 (e) 4
13 5
14 5
15 5
16 5
17 4

Book Descriptions for series: Sigma Force

  • Book - 1

    An inexplicable explosion rocks the antiquities collection of a London museum, setting off alarms in clandestine organizations around the world. Lady Kara Kensington's family paid a high price in money and blood to found the gallery that now lies ...

  • Book - 2

    During a crowded service at a cathedral in Germany, ed intruders in monks' robes unleash a nightmare of blood and destruction. But the killers have not come for gold; they seek a more valuable prize: the bones of the Magi who once paid homage to a ne...

  • Book - 3

    In Copenhagen ... a suspicious bookstore fire propels Commander Gray Pierce on a relentless hunt across tour continents--and into a terrifying mystery surrounding horrific experiments once performed in a now-abandoned laboratory buried in a hollowed-...

  • Book - 3.5

    PREPARE TO BE THRILLED AS YOU'VE NEVER BEEN BEFORE. THRILLER is the first collection of pure thriller stories ever published. Offering up heart-pumping tales of suspense in all its guises are thirty-two of the most critically acclaimed and award-w...

  • Book - 4

    From the depths of the Indian Ocean, a horrific plague has arisen to devastate humankind--unknown, unstoppable . . . and merely a harbinger of the doom that is to follow. Operatives of the shadowy covert organization Sigma Force, Dr. Lisa Cumming...

  • Book - 5

    In Washington, D.C., a homeless man takes an assassin's bullet and dies in Commander Gray Pierce's arms. A bloody coin clutched in the dead man's hand -- an ancient relic that can be traced back to the Greek Oracle of Delphi-- is the key to a conspir...

  • Book - 6

    At Princeton University, a famed geneticist dies inside a biohazard lab. In Rome, a Vatican archae1ogist is found dead in St Peter's Basilica. In Africa, a U.S. senator's son is slain outside a Red Cross camp. Three murder victims on three continent...

  • Book - 6.5

    From New York Times bestselling author James Rollins comes a thrilling short story that delves deep beneath the city of Paris to a dark necropolis, where the only means for escape is...The Skeleton Key. Seichan is ripped out of the Sigma series fo...

  • Book - 7

    The gruesome discovery of hundreds of mummified bodies deep in the Rocky Mountains -- along with strange artifacts inscribed with an unfathomable script -- stirs controversy and foments unrest. And when a riot at the dig site results in the horrible ...

  • Book - 7.5

    From New York Times bestselling author James Rollins comes a stirring story of a soldier and his military war dog who are drawn into a dark mystery tracing back to World War II and a lost treasure tied to the bones of the dead. Off the streets in ...

  • Book - 8

    Galilee, 1025: A Templar knight uncovers a holy treasure in an ancient citadel -- a priceless icon that holds a mysterious and terrifying power. A millennium later, Commander Gray Pierce of Sigma Force is dispatched to the African jungle, teaming ...

  • Book - 9

    In The Eye of God, a Sigma Force novel, New York Times bestselling author James Rollins delivers an apocalyptic vision of a future predicted by the distant past. In the wilds of Mongolia, a research satellite has crashed, triggering an explosive ...

  • Book - 10

    In a masterful epic that combines timeless mystery and ripped-from-the-headlines scientific intrigue, New York Times bestselling author James Rollins takes humankind to its endpoint, to a fate inscribed in rock and ice in an event known as The 6th Ex...

  • Book - 10.5

    From New York Times bestselling author James Rollins comes a lightning-paced short story, in which a major attack on U.S. soil can only be stopped by…The Midnight Watch

    In the dead of night, a faceless enemy hacks into the Smithsonian Inst...

  • Book - 11

    A war is coming, a battle that will stretch from the prehistoric forests of the ancient past to the cutting-edge research labs of today, all to reveal a true mystery buried deep within our DNA, a mystery that will leave readers changed forever . . . ...

  • Book - 11.5

    New York Times bestselling author James Rollins comes a shocking short story, where a chance mishap leads to the discovery of a weapon like no other in . . . Crash and Burn.On a transatlantic flight, the two black sheep of Sigma Force--Seichan and K...

  • Book - 12

    In a breathtaking blend of scientific intrigue and historical mystery, #1 New York Times bestselling mastermind, James Rollins, reveals an ancient threat hidden within the pages of the Bible, one that threatens the modern world If the biblical pla...

  • Book - 12.5

    From New York Times bestselling author James Rollins comes an electrifying short story, in which the battle over a lost treasure leads to murder, betrayal, and the revelation of a shocking mystery hidden aboard the . . . Ghost Ship

    The dis...

  • Book - 13

    To save mankind’s future, the members of Sigma Force must make a devil’s bargain as they join forces with their most hated enemy to stop an ancient threat in this gripping adventure from #1 New York Times bestselling author James Rollins. Off...

  • Book - 14

    In the race to save one of their own, Sigma Force must wrestle with the deepest spiritual mysteries of mankind in this mind-expanding adventure from the #1 New York Times bestselling author, told with his trademark blend of cutting edge science, hist...

  • Book - 15

    To save the world and our future, Sigma Force must embark on a dangerous odyssey into an ancient past whose horrors are all too present in this page-turning thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author James Rollins that combines cutting-edge s...

  • Book - 16

    From #1 New York Times bestselling author James Rollins, the latest riveting, deeply imaginative thriller in the Sigma Force series, told with his trademark blend of cutting-edge science, historical mystery, and pulse-pounding action. It begins in...

  • Book - 17

    In the latest riveting thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author, an international research station in the Coral Sea comes under siege during a geological disaster that triggers massive quakes, deadly tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. To...


The Bone Labyrinth
2015 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Thriller

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 23 books in the Sigma Force series.

The Sigma Force series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Tides of Fire (Book 17), was published in August 2023.

The first book in the Sigma Force series, Sandstorm, was published in July 2004.

The Sigma Force series primarily falls into the Thriller genre.