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Related Books Series in Order (6 Books)

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2 1
3 0
4 1
5 0
6 0

Book Descriptions for series: Related Books

    Book - 1

    She was doomed never to grow old, never to lose the dreaded curse…unless she passed it on to an innocent girl who became the next victim of the agony She was the world's greatest singer; her flawless voice had ruled the operatic stage for mo...

  • Book - 2

    She had returned from the dead to serve Satan. A spellbinding tale of evil set loose on the innocents....

  • Book - 3

    She was cursed as a bride--bound to a vow of evil older than time... I saw the bed. Though the ropes were heavy and reinforced with steel wire, they had been severed in the middle. But how could anything have broken such bonds? A sudden blast o...

    Book - 4

    PRISONER OF EVIL… Kitty Telefair shuddered with fear as she made her way to the Eves, home of the brooding Chalmers clan. The desolate, old castle seemed to beckon to her, and Kitty wondered what lay ahead. Her reception was so cold, so aloof...

    Book - 5

    The Curse... Kitty Telefair, TV's young psychic star, had no idea of danger when she auditioned a tiger act for her television show "The Witching Hour." But tragedy struck when the tamed tiger attacked and killed its trainer. It was...

    Book - 6

    A tranquil New England town is invaded by demon gods and a frenzied hate from beyond the grave....

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