By the Light of the Study Lamp
  • # of Books:
  • First Book:
    January 1934
  • Latest Book:
    June 1968
  • Genres:
    Amateur Sleuth
  • Age Level:
    Middle Grade (Ages 8-12)
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The Dana Girls Mystery - Juvenile Series in Order (30 Books)

Order Book Date Rating
1 4.5
2 5
3 1
4 1
5 1
6 1
7 0
8 1
9 1

10 1
11 1
12 1
13 1
14 1
15 1
16 1
17 0
18 1
19 1
20 3.5
21 1
22 0
23 0
24 1
25 1
26 0
27 3
28 0
29 1

30 0

Book Descriptions for series: A Dana Girls Mystery - Juvenile

  • Book - 1

    Jean and Louise Dana are given a valuable study lamp by their Uncle Ned. The girls plan to place it in their study room at Starhurst when they return for their sophomore year. But before the girls leave, the lamp is stolen! After the sisters return t...

  • Book - 2

    Miss Tisdale, Jean and Louise Dana's favorite teacher, disappears mysteriously one afternoon. The Danas search for clues and discover her car abandoned on a nearby road. The key is still in the ignition, and there are signs of a struggle. Miss Ti...

  • Book - 3

    "It's all the money I have in the world -- " The pathetic hunchback, Josy Sykes, despairs as a fox runs off with her one thousand dollar bill. Louise and Jean help the lonely orphan by having her first come to Starhurst and then to a frie...

  • Book - 4

    Louise and Jean Dana's new friend, Edith Darrow, invites them to stay at her home for the weekend. While the girls are touring the property, they discover a hidden stash of objects in the barn which appear to be linked to Ed Carillo, a man wanted...

  • Book - 5

    "Nina Regan! I've captured you at last!" Delusional Harold Norton, ex-warden of the Pinecrest Reformatory, accuses Louise Dana of being escapee Nina Regan. Louise clears herself, only to find that Norton continues to stalk her every mo...

  • Book - 6

    The Dana girls are plunged into another mystery when they befriend the Doke family shortly after Mason Doke unfortunately crashes into their uncle's ship with his airplane. The Danas interrupt a burglary at the Doke home and discover that the wou...

  • Book - 7

    The students are Starhurst are excited about Mrs. Crandall's plans to purchase a piece of property at Moon Lake for a girls' camp. Five girls, including Louise and Jean Dana, earn the privilege of accompanying Mrs. Crandall to the proposed si...

  • Book - 8

    Louise and Jean help Captain Dana find Katherine Blore, a woman who disappeared mysteriously from his ship before it docked. The Danas trace Miss Blore to her current residence, but she refuses to see them. The Danas try once again to see Miss Blore ...

  • Book - 9

    Louise and Jean become enmeshed in another mystery when they chance to meet Mrs. Zerbe, who used to work for Mr. Warrington, one of the owners of Captain Dana's ship. Mrs. Zerbe is devastated that she lost her job at Mr. Warrington's estate. ...

  • Book - 10

    Jean and Louise are excited to be spending Christmas vacation at Highfort, a property that Captain Dana's friend Tom Fairweather is in the processing of purchasing. The Danas' trip turns out much more exciting than anticipated, because severa...

  • Book - 11

    The Danas are thrust into the middle of a dispute between Oliver Pritz Gormly and Jasper Conway. The girls rescue Conway and his important papers when Gormly sets fire to Conway's store. Later, when Pritz confronts the girls and orders them to tu...

  • Book - 12

    The Danas' pottery teacher, Miss Warren, asks Jean and Louise to help her find her missing fiancé, F.B.I. agent Richard Henley. The girls and Miss Warren stay with her aunt and uncle, the Pattons, while they work on the mystery. The Pattons fear...

  • Book - 13

    When Arlene Sherwood disappears, the Danas' only clue is that Arlene received a dire prediction from a psychic reader. Did Arlene run away out of fear caused by the prediction, or is something far more sinister at play? Jean and Louise believe th...

  • Book - 14

    Louise and Jean travel to Old Bridge to spend the weekend with their friend, Carol Humfrey. The girls stumble upon a mystery when the bell inside the Webster College chapel rings mysteriously at night. They visit the chapel, only to be warned away by...

  • Book - 15

    Fleurette Garnier, a new student to Starhurst, puzzles Jean and Louise. The new French girl is reclusive and reluctant to join the new archery team, even though she is an expert archer. The mystery surrounding Fleurette deepens when Fleurette briefly...

  • Book - 16

    The Dana girls are plunged into another mystery during a visit to an old Civil War inn on a lonely country road. They hear singing in the woods, see a ghost, and discover a strange spoon with a handle in the shape of a man's head. The girls are s...

  • Book - 17

    A ghostly figure, a walking suit of armor, and a gargoyle in the prompter's box confront Jean and Louise Dana and their Starhurst classmates as they rehearse for a musical at Mozart Hall. The owner, a retired singer, and the watchman assure th...

  • Book - 18

    "You will sell me the flower!" insists the strange man. Louise Dana is baffled as to why the man would value an artificial black orchid. Shortly after Jean and Louise arrive at summer camp, the orchid is stolen. The girls learn that not only ...

  • Book - 19

    "Save Carlo . . . winking ruby . . . hurry!" This plea uttered by Gino, a mysterious violinist, just before he lapses into a coma, launch Jean and Louise Dana on their first exciting adventure in Europe. Is the mysterious "ruby" a gem...

  • Book - 20

    Handsome Prince Rudolph Krisler’s request for help in finding his family’s long-lost heirlooms launch Jean and Louise Dana on a thrilling mystery while on vacation in Europe. First, the young investigators’ search is hampered by a mysterious...

  • Book - 21

    Louise and Jean Dana stare unbelievingly through the swirling mists in an isolated lagoon. Floating in mid-air is a full-rigged sailing ship! A moment later it vanishes. Never before have the Danas encountered so eerie an challenging a mystery. To...

  • Book - 22

    When a bamboo Garuda bird containing a sacred gold statue is stolen from Malee Wongsuwan at Starhurst School, she begs her friends, Louise and Jean Dana, to help recover the treasured possessions. Despite a warning of possible danger, the Danas ag...

  • Book - 23

    Louise and Jean Dana fly home from Thailand completely unaware of the exciting adventures waiting for them just a few hours away. But even before their plane lands in San Francisco, Louise's precious star sapphire ring is stolen, and the girls ar...

  • Book - 24

    In the Rocky Mountains, a witch is reputedly haunting the area where an isolated community was buried by a landslide forty years ago. Jean and Louise, searching on horseback for a runaway show dog, try to fathom the mystery of the witch. A nefario...

  • Book - 25

    A Black-Robed Ghost roams the streets of the Dana’s home town. A tiger stalks the woods on the outskirts of Oak Falls. And the Hilary Museum is plagued by a phantom prowler who seemingly passes through locked doors and windows. Louise and Jean D...

  • Book - 26

    Exciting adventures come to the two lively young Dana sisters when they undertake to solve a mystery at Starburst School, where they are students. It all starts when Professor Crandall receives an anonymous note warning him not to remove the valua...

  • Book - 27

    A newscast announcing a reward to anyone who can locate a valuable silver dolphin involves Louise and Jean Dana in a baffling search. Judy Platt is desperately trying to find the silver dolphin mentioned in her dead brother’s will. But no one knows...

  • Book - 28

    Louise and Jean Dana are thrilled when their uncle telephones them at Starhurst School and asks them to solve a very puzzling and fascinating mystery involving two Wax Queens, one of them alive! Time is of the essence -- the puzzle must be solved dur...

  • Book - 29

    In this new mystery, the Dana girls’ adventures take them to Portugal. Senor Sarmento, father of the girls’ friend Isabel, has enlisted the help of the two young detectives in solving the series of baffling thefts from his Lisbon warehouse. Wi...

  • Book - 30

    With their Starhurst School friends, Jean and Louise Dana spend spring vacation at Horizon, located on the Atlantic coast. The seaside resort town is being restored to its former Victorian-era character. But the restoration project is plagued by thie...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 30 books in The Dana Girls Mystery - Juvenile series.

The Dana Girls Mystery - Juvenile series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Phantom Surfer (Book 30), was published in June 1968.

The first book in The Dana Girls Mystery - Juvenile series, By the Light of the Study Lamp, was published in January 1934.

The Dana Girls Mystery - Juvenile series primarily falls into the Amateur Sleuth genre. This middle grade series was written for ages 8-12, but can be enjoyed by older readers as well.
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