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    4 Books
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    January 1995
  • Latest Book:
    November 1997
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Book List in Order: 4 titles

  • The clone of a traitor, sub-human spy probe August is catapulted into the midst of an interplanetary war as the planet Neuland is threatened with alien annihilation and August himself confronts his dream of becoming fully human. Original....

  • Treated like an outcast in a genetically engineered world, human throwback Gray Bridger hopes to escape Testament and the powerful Bridger matriarchy that plots to use Gray for its own devices. Original....

  • THE ASSEMBLY A vast, omnipresent network-- it unifies the people of future Earth. THE SHIP A mysterious newcomer to the Solar System, the massive alien vessel orbits Jupiter. Its emissaries claim to be human travelers from a distant colony, but ...

  • STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND Marcer Brice, an academic researcher in the Polite Harmony of Worlds, is an Altered Human, possessing an echo-locating ability that makes him the subject of suspicion and fear. But he never expected to be banished to the...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Valerie J. Freireich has published 4 books.

Valerie J. Freireich does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Imposter, was published in November 1997.

The first book by Valerie J. Freireich, Becoming Human, was published in January 1995.

No. Valerie J. Freireich does not write books in series.