The Last Continent



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Something is amiss at Unseen University, Ankh-Morpork's most prestigious (i.e., only) institution of higher learning. A professor is missing--but a search party is on the way! A bevy of senior wizards will follow the trail wherever it leads--even to the other side of Discworld, where the Last Continent, Fourecks, is under construction. Imagine a ,magical land where rain is but a myth and the ordinary is strange and past and present run side by side. Experience the terror as you encounter a Mad Dwarf, the Road Warrior, Death, a Creator or two, the Peach Butt, and the dreaded Meat Pie Floater.

Feel the passion as the denizens of the Last Continent learn what happens when rain falls and the rivers fill with water (it spoils regattas, for one thing). Thrill to the promise of next year's regatta, in remote, rustic Didjabringabeeralong. It'll be absolutely gujeroo (no worries).
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