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Bronwynn Prescott Pierson had certainly made a mess of things! She'd left a disloyal groom at the altar, driven to Vermont, and now stood, near-tears, on the steps of a ramshackled Victorian house in her satin wedding gown. When a gorgeous, all-American hunk emerged from the woods, she didn't know whether to chase him away with a stick or run into his arms! The breathtaking redhead with the lost-fawn look in her eyes seized Wade Grayson's heart in a flash and convinced him she needed a keeper, but Bronwynn vowed she was swearing off men for at least a year -- and besides, a stuffed-shirt politician with no sense of adventure was definitely not for her! Wade figured her for a frivolous heiress, yet he found the temptress with the legs of a goddess utterly enchanting. She stole his cigarettes, dared him to climb trees, and freed his spirit to fall in love. But could they find a place to bridge their worlds and cherish each other for always?
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