A Royal Baby on the Way



  • Contemporary


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Royally Wed:
Four royal sisters find their own Prince Charmings as they embark on separate journeys to find their missing brother, the Crown Prince!


All-pomp-no-play Princess Alexandra Wyndham got a royal wake-up call when a letter, alleging the rightful crown prince was alive, arrived at the palace, compelling her to travel to the ranch of the most majestic man SHE'd ever encountered... to find the brother she'd never known.

Cowboy Mitch Colton was tight-lipped when it came to the whereabouts of his elusive stepbrother -- the suspected long-lost heir! -- though he rather grudgingly opened his home to Alexandra. Then very passionately opened his arms and his heart. But would their romance survive their abiding differences... and the revelation of a royal baby on the way?
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