Wife Is a 4-Letter Word



  • Contemporary


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How do you spell "disaster"? W-I-F-E
At least, that's what Alan Parish thought. Getting dumped at the altar saved him from making the biggest mistake of his life. From now on, it was the single life for him! And since he'd already paid for his honeymoon, he might as well enjoy it -- wife or no wife.

Easier said than done
Enter Pamela Kaminski, his ex-fiancee's best friend. She'd come to offer her condolences, and ended up on the plane with him. But she made it clear there could never be anything between them. Pam was blue collar, vivacious and gorgeous -- he was Armani, conservative and happy to be single. So how did his fake honeymoon become real? Didn't he know that ... WIFE is a 4-Letter Word!
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