Book List in Order: 25 titles

Multi-Author Series List

Choose Your Own Adventure

44) The Mystery of Ura Senke (Apr-1985)
53) The Case Of The Silk King (Jan-1986)
81) Terror in Australia (Jun-1988)
119) The Terrorist Trap (Nov-1991)
127) Showdown (Aug-1992)

Choose Your Own Adventure: Bantam-Skylark

14) The Search for Champ (Oct-1983)
15) The Three Wishes (Mar-1984)
21) Mona is Missing (Oct-1984)
29) The Fairy Kidnap (Jul-1985)
33) Haunted Harbor (Mar-1986)

Choose Your Own Adventure: Dragonlarks

Ghost Island (May-2008)
The Lake Monster Mystery (Mar-2009)
Princess Island (Dec-2015)
Princess Perri and the Second Summer (Nov-2016)
The Haunted Cabin on Princess Island (May-2018)