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    3 Books
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    March 2010
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    June 2017
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  • A roughneck, redneck, and brawler, Jebediah Shaw had a wild streak wider than a country mile when he left home, and he was happy to have a war to fight. Now, battle scarred and weary, he's returned to the girl of his dreams and the small East Texas t...

  • All Jeb Shaw wants out of Dallas is to reconnect with his family and enjoy a nice, quiet high lonesome in a dark bar. He has heavy things to contemplate while recharging his long-drained batteries -- some much needed and well-deserved R&R. It’s goi...

  • For years, south Dallas has been ruled by a corrupt caste of politicians who  espouse populist rhetoric. Growing fat and rich while their constituents   wallow in crime and poverty. Jebediah Shaw never wanted to make the city  his home. It had nev...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

S.A. Bailey has published 3 books.

S.A. Bailey does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Edge of the City, was published in June 2017.

The first book by S.A. Bailey, And the Rain Came Down, was published in March 2010.

No. S.A. Bailey does not write books in series.