Snowbound Cinderella



  • Contemporary


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The Fortunes of Texas: Membership in this family has its privileges... and its price. But what a fortune can't buy, a true-bred Texas love is sure to bring!


Famous and fabulously wealthy Ciara Wilde had led a charmed life -- until the day she decided to run away from her own wedding. Desperate to escape the pursuing press, the glamorous single woman sought refuge in a secluded cabin. But her snow-covered safe haven was soon invaded by dangerously attractive Jace Lockhart -- a man tending to his own emotional wounds. Forced together by a raging blizzard, their passions overheated their long-denied desires. And although Jace had the power to make Ciara feel like Cinderella, she knew her mysterious lover could never promise a fairy-tale ending. Unless beauty could find a way to tame a beast....
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