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    7 Books
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    November 1981
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    June 1987
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  • "I'm sorry," she said gently. "Do I know you?" "Before you took off without saying good-bye, I thought you did. You're my wife." Julie's eyes widened incredulously as she studied the handsome face, searching ...

  • It had been seven years, a lifetime since Shannon MacLeod had returned to Shagbark Inn and confronted Adam Byrne. Yet here he was, a challenge, a threat, a promise of trouble to come. One look and the memories flooded back--his arms, his lips, and th...

  • "Thanks for last night," Nick said softly. "You were wonderful." His warm smile and fiery blue eyes left Abby Riordan speechless. Beside her stood Gordon Sprague, the man she meant to marry. Was Nick Gabriel- ex-baseball star, all-around hedonist...

  • Obstinate, insolent, arrogant -- and wickedly, irresistibly attractive! That just about summed up Thad Bristol, but it didn't solve Laura Powell's problem. She had come to Ely, Minnesota, to achieve a goal -- to open her own gift shop, gal...

  • How could anything go right on Friday the 13th? A strange twist of fate brought Charity and Rhys Hendricks back together on that day. But was it a stroke of bad luck or was there magic in their meeting? Seeing Rhys after all these years left Charity ...

  • He was pure catnip to women! Big, blond, and beautifully built, he looked as if he lived by his wits rather than by the book. And it wasn't long before Ben Gallagher, the construction worker who'd become Anne Leyland's student, was teaching her the m...

  • She tried to escape a past tarnished by tragedy and scandal by clinging to privacy and loneliness. But Cleo Dennis was still hostage to memory, especially when Joe Gamble returned from that past to deliver her eccentric great-aunt's dying wish. Reluc...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rose Marie Ferris has published 7 books.

Rose Marie Ferris does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Cleo's Treasure, was published in June 1987.

The first book by Rose Marie Ferris, Promises to Keep, was published in November 1981.

No. Rose Marie Ferris does not write books in series.