Dead Silence

In the stunning new novel by New York Times bestselling author Randy Wayne White, Doc Ford is given an ultimatum so terrifying it literally leaves its victims breathless...

It happens right before Doc Ford's eyes: the attempted abduction of an attractive U.S. senator, with whom Ford has been more than friendly. He manages to save her, but her companion, a fourteen-year-old Minnesota boy, is not so lucky. The boy is snatched away -- dead, authorities fear, until they receive the kidnappers' unthinkable ultimatum. Ford has only thirty-six hours to act.

The boy's captors have a definite agenda. They've put the child someplace no one will find him: They've buried him alive. But there is something about the boy that his captors do not know. He has secrets, as do the other players in this deadly game. And before the deadline is reached, the past is going to catch up with all of them -- with catastrophic results.
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