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  • They're Baaaack! When a human thinks he's Napoleon Bonaparte, it's time to get out a straitjacket. But when a Hoka thinks he's Napoleon Bonaparte, you'd better believe it! Particularly since there'll be hundreds of other Hokas around who know for ...

  • The Interbeing League had been formed to make contact with new intelligent races in the galaxy and offer them membership. But when the League encountered the Hokas, furry creatures strongly resembling the teddy bears of Earth, the League’s agent, A...

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    IT COULD ALMOST HAVE BEEN EARTH Or so thought Ensign Alexander Braithwaite Jones, who crash-landed on the planet Toka, 500 light-years from the Solar System. Then he met the Hokas, a race of teddy-bear-like aliens, with the astounding ability to t...

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Earthman's Burden (1957)
Hoka! Hoka! Hoka! (Nov-1998)
Hokas Pokas! (Feb-2000)