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  • Looking for a way to reactivate the conflict in India and drive the French from the sub-continent, the British Chiefs of Staff call on Captain Adam Horne and his band of expendable cutthroats to undertake the deadly mission. Reprint....

  • In 1761, at the height of the war between France and Britain, Adam Horne, captain of the East India Company frigate Eclipse, and the Bombay Marines embark on a perilous mission to capture a defeated French commander from British forces in Madras. Ori...

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    The East India Company's Bombay Marines were the toughest and roughest bunch of soldier sailors on the Indian Ocean--and they did all of the Company's dirty work. But the Bombay Marines saved the dirtiest and deadliest missions for one man--Captain A...

Complete Series List in Order

An Adam Horne Adventure

China Flyer (1988)
The Bombay Marines (Sep-1988)
The War Chest (Feb-1989)