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  • Legal Thriller


    Clarkeston Chronicles - 3

    COURTING DEATH finds Melanie Wilkerson (from COTTON, book two of the Clarkeston Chronicles) and Arthur Hughes working uncomfortably together in the chambers of a famous federal judge. While Melanie neglects her duties as a law clerk to investigate th...



  • Suspense


    Clarkeston Chronicles - 2

    When new evidence arises in a cold case, can Professor Hopkins refrain from delving into a newfound world of corruption, vice, and danger? Stanley Hopkins cannot resist the invitation from a honey-voiced US attorney asking him to track down the so...



  • Private Investigator


    Clarkeston Chronicles - 1

    He wanted to do research, but what he ended up with was a murder investigation -- murder deep within the porn industry. Desperate to complete the last chapter of his law thesis on workplace dynamics for women to secure his tenure, Professor Stanle...



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