Sacred Sins



  • Contemporary


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Some sins are unforgivable...

There's no escaping the sizzling heat of the Washington summer... or the twisted ministry of "The Priest", a madman who is strangling slender, pretty blondes with the white silk scarf of a priest, leaving notes that forgive his victims.

When the mayor of Washington, D.C. asks renowned psychologist Tess Court to work in conjunction with the police to profile of The Priest, she has no idea what she's getting into. This relentless psychopath believes he is saving the souls of the young pretty blondes he strangles with the white silk stole worn by true men of the cloth. But Tess knows otherwise: this is the work of a madman bent on spreading a twisted ministry of violence.

Ben Paris, is the handsome and magnetic police sergeant in charge of the investigation. With his aid, Tess hopes to track down The Priest before he causes more harm. But any professional distance between her and Ben quickly disappears as their attraction grows. But it's the flame of white-hot passion that is giving Tess and Ben real trouble-two professionals who can't quite keep a professional distance from each other. It's a distraction the pair can ill afford.

Ben is unable to resist Tess-pretty, slender, and blonde. But someone else has his eyes on her... someone who dreams of saving her, of cleansing her soul with his special brand of absolution in the hot, still night. She has become the very next target of the killer they seek.
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