The Skinner



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Spatterjay: the most dangerous planet in the galaxy, a world where everything has teeth and is very hungry. Spatterjay can rip you to shreds in more ways than have been counted, or transform you into something no longer quite human, but nearly immortal.

Sable Keech isn't interested in immortality. He's been dead 700 years. But that hasn't stopped his relentless pursuit of legendary Prador Wars renegade 'Spatter' Jay Hoop, a.k.a. the Skinner. Hoop is still around, but his body and his head maintain separate residences.

Erlin Tazer is interested in immortality, because she acquired it on a previous visit. Now she has returned to figure out what to do with it.

As the visitors' paths converge with one of the most brutal of the very alien Prador, who is intent on exterminating witnesses to its wartime atrocities, Spatterjay will have some nasty surprises for everyone.
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