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    January 1995
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    August 2014
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    In these nineteen original tail-twitching tales of mystery, cats from Maine coon to Scottish fold, tabby to Siamese, white Persian to calico crack all manner of holiday capers. Arbor Day reminds a...

  • For more than five years, the planet Rillut had been trying to bring Earth's economy to a grinding halt; it was the only certain way of ensuring the overthrow of the government of Unified Earth. Extremists from both planets planned acts of mass viole...

  • In the tradition of the old Ace Doubles (flip the volume over to read the second book), here's the fourteenth Wildside Mystery Double: A KNIFE FOR MY LOVE AND FURTHER MAYHEM, by Lionel Webb. Steve Page has a problem: his beautiful wife Archie wants a...

  • In the tradition of the old Ace Doubles (flip the volume over to read the second title), here's the fifteenth Wildside Mystery Double: STOP AT NOTHING: CLASSIC CRIME STORIES, by Lionel Webb. George Squire and wife Gertrude are visiting New Orleans, w...

  • Henry knew his wife had been married once before; now he expected her to start a new life with him -- but to her the past was alive, and -- ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Morris Hershman has published 5 books.

Morris Hershman does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Spacemen Never Die!, was published in August 2014.

The first book by Morris Hershman, Party Animal, was published in January 1995.

No. Morris Hershman does not write books in series.