Book List in Order: 3 titles

  • As the dreaded Darth Vader enforces Emperor Palpatine's sinister will to create a world-killing satellite of doom, the threat of rebellion still looms. But Palpatine has a grand plan to quash dissent through chilling terror. From inception to complet...

  • While the Clone Wars wreak havoc throughout the galaxy, the situation on the far world of Drongar is desperate, as Republic forces engage in a fierce fight with the Separatists. . . . The threatened enemy offensive begins as the Separatists employ...

  • As civil war between the Republic and the Separatists rages across the galaxy,' nowhere is the fighting more fierce than on t swamp world of Drongar, where a beleaguered mobile hospital unit wages a never-ending war of its own. . . . A surgeon who...

Complete Series List in Order


1) Battle Surgeons (Jul-2004)
2) Jedi Healer (Oct-2004)

Multi-Author Series List

Star Wars

Battle Surgeons (Jul-2004)
Jedi Healer (Oct-2004)
Death Star (Oct-2007)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Battle Surgeons (Jul-2004)
Jedi Healer (Oct-2004)