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    9 Books (2 Series)
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    June 2014
  • Latest Book:
    August 2023
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Full Series List in Order

Lt. Reilly

1 - Lt. Reilly - 2321 (Sep-2018)
2 - Lt. Reilly and the Black Bird Offensive (Apr-2019)
3 - Lt. Reilly and the Phantom Raptor (Mar-2021)
4 - Lt. Reilly and the Tansky Gambit (Mar-2022)
5 - Lt. Commander Reilly and the Quantum Paradox (Aug-2023)

The New Terra Sagas

1 - The Warrior's Stone (Jun-2014)
2 - The Last Flight of the Phoenix (Apr-2018)
3 - The Prophet's Stone (May-2018)

Book List in Order: 9 titles

  • The year is 2319. Lt. Comm Roy O'Hara leads his squadron against the enemy's latest Super Destroyer and is shot down over an unexplored planet. The planet holds secrets to a long lost alien weapon and the key to Roy's own destiny. Near death Roy is f...

  • The war was over except for the crew of the T.S.S. Phoenix. Lost deep in enemy space, crippled, but not dead. The odds of survival were stacked against them, but they were still determined to fight their way back towards allied space. On New Terra,...

  • It had been ten years since Roy came to New Terra. At the conclusion of the great interstellar war against the Serpent People, Roy went from being an Ace fighter pilot to a simple farmer, married to his beloved wife Katreena and father to their th...

  • Jack Reilly's luck ran out just before the war did. Released on a medical discharge shortly after the end of the war with the Serkins, he went out into the galaxy looking for a job. Signing onto the Glacier Runner 17, an old and rundown cargo ship, R...

  • Sci-fi / Military Sci-fi - Fans of old school sci-fi will enjoy this book. It is full of action, space battles, star-ship and fighter combat, mysteries, conspiracies, and even little romantic complications. Told in the first person, Lt. Jack Reilly t...

  • Major Julie Anne Mitchell is on her own for a week while her partner Lt. Reilly is off on vacation with his girlfriend, Kayla. She expected a quiet week of data work and dry meetings with lawyers. But from the moment Antonio walked into her office, h...

  • Things were looking up for Jack. He and Kayla had married, were expecting their first baby, and moved into a nice house on New Harmony.Kayla was due to give birth any day, but Jack is pulled away on a case that could threaten their newfound happiness...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Matthew O. Duncan has published 9 books.

Matthew O. Duncan does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Lt. Commander Reilly and the Quantum Paradox, was published in August 2023.

The first book by Matthew O. Duncan, The Warrior's Stone, was published in June 2014.

Yes. Matthew O. Duncan has 2 series.