Book List in Order: 27 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Hot Dog Detective - A Denver Detective Cozy Mystery

1) The Avid Angler (Dec-2014)
2) The Busty Ballbreaker (Mar-2015)
3) The Crying Camper (Apr-2015)
4) The Desperate Druggie (Jun-2015)
5) The Eager Evangelist (Sep-2015)
6) The Freaky Fan (Oct-2015)
7) The Groping Gardener (Jan-2016)
8) The Harried Hairdresser (Feb-2016)
9) The Itchy Intruder (Mar-2016)
10) The Jaded Jezebel (May-2016)
11) The Kitchen Khemist (Jul-2017)
12) The Lazy Lawyer (Jul-2017)
13) The Morose Mistress (Jul-2017)
14) The Naughty Neighbor (Aug-2017)
15) The Obnoxious Oilman (Aug-2017)
16) The Paranoid Patient (Nov-2017)
17) The Quibbling Quartet (Jan-2018)
18) The Remorseful Rafter (Jun-2018)
19) The Strident Student (Aug-2018)
20) The Truculent Trannie (Nov-2018)
21) The Unselfish Uncle (Apr-2019)
22) The Vacillating Vigilante (Dec-2019)
23) The Wasted Womanizer (Jan-2022)
24) The Xanthic Xena (Feb-2022)