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    7 Books
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    January 1971
  • Latest Book:
    May 2005
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  • “Don’t Fall In Love!” Emily Fair had ample warning of the dangers when she became private secretary to Hendrick Harcourt, the brilliant tycoon whose romantic escapades were as legendary as his fabulous business successes. No woman had eve...

  • The House of Cobwebs is a trap spun maliciously for Serena and the man she loved. Could they escape with their lives -- and their love? When Robert Arnold returned from Europe, he wanted only to forget his unhappy marriage with the beautiful but n...

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    The tragedy of Moretone Manor had destroyed many lives--now Stella feared she too would be a Bride of Death. Their friendship began in bitterness and grief.. The Victorian style manor held violent death within its walls, but Stella was determin...

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    "THE HEATHS HAVE A TENDENCY TO ACCIDENTS," Marius told Susan when they became engaged. All had died violently, accidentally, at a young age. Now that Susan was living at The House on the Hill, she too was plagued with a series of "accidents." ...

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    WEB OF FEAR She had thought she was welcome at Hill House…and yet she was not so sure. St first she conceded she might be imagining things -- the too sudden silences, the disappearing shadows, the growing uncommunicativeness of her guardian who ...

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    "AT EVENING, AT THE HOUR WHEN WE SAY GOODNIGHT, HE KISSED ME. I KNOW NOT WHETHER REALLY OR IN A DREAM..." They traveled lightheartedly, far into the lonely Greek mountains; Charlotte Clarke. the mysterious painter George Eaton and his invalid wife...

    • / Gothic
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    Death visited the huge Victorian house; perhaps he had come to stay... "Faith is evidence of things unseen..." At first, everyone thought Richard Frost had fallen and died accidentally. But then, inexorably, things began happening, pointing ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mary Reisner has published 7 books.

Mary Reisner does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, House of Cobwebs, was published in May 2005.

The first book by Mary Reisner, Emily Fair, was published in January 1971.

No. Mary Reisner does not write books in series.