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    August 1980
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    May 2018
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Multi-Author Series List

Star Trek

Dwellers in the Crucible (Sep-1985)
Strangers from the Sky (Jul-1987)
Probe (Jan-1993)
Catalyst of Sorrows (Jan-2004)
Burning Dreams (Aug-2006)
Mere Anarchy (Apr-2007)
The Greater Good (Jan-2009)
Unspoken Truth (Apr-2010)

Star Trek: The Lost Era

6 - Catalyst of Sorrows (Jan-2004)

Star Trek: The Original Series

Strangers from the Sky (Jul-1987)
Probe (Jan-1993)
Burning Dreams (Aug-2006)
25 - Dwellers in the Crucible (Sep-1985)

Star Trek: the Original Series Mirror Universe

The Greater Good (Jan-2009)

Book List in Order: 18 titles

  • 1978: At the height of the feminist movement, a brilliant medieval scholar suffers a stroke and is unable to read. She is helped in her recovery and the effort to retain her job by a former student, a single mother escaping from a ruined marriage.&nb...

  • Warrantors of Peace: the Federation's daring experiment to prevent war among its members. Each Warrantor; man or woman is hostage for the government of his native world--and is instantly killed if that world breaks the peace. Now Romulans have kid...


  • Years after the blossoming cooperation between the Others, a race advanced by genetic and nutritional science, and the primitive People has withered, the poet Lingri chronicles the dying days of her advanced race and explores her admiration for the s...

  • In this second book of the Others trilogy, the last of the Others are in exile, fleeing their ravaged Archipelago across a sea fraught with danger to sanctuary in a land of ice, for nowhere else in the World is safe for them. Reunited with her Interm...

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    To my readers, fans, and Star Trekkers everywhere... Dear Friends, For years, the characters in this book have lived within my mind and heari and imagination. Now, at last, they come to life within these pages. In Saturn's Child, I have created w...

  • Struggling science fiction writer Karen Guerreri believes that the alien jellyfish in her current work is trying to communicate with her, and she must figure out whether she created the aliens, or they invented her. Reprint....

  • Karen Guerreri is an obscure writer of science fiction novels. She is half convinced that her invisibility-far from qualifying as a superpower in a world of mad-scientist villains-has simply left her alone and forgotten in the junk heap of litera...

  • First, it was telepathic jellyfish. Then, it was a bit of time travel that altered history. Or did it? But now . . .

    We're way beyond jellyfish this time, baby.

    In the third Preternatural novel, our human friend Karen and the alie...

  • THE YEAR IS 2360 She was trained to be a killing machine. Abandoned as a child, without home or family, past or future, Zetha survived only by her own cunning in the back alleys of Romulus before being taken by the Tal Shiar and remade into one of i...

  • Before James T. Kirk, another captain stood on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise, spearheading its mission of exploration into the uncharted reaches of the galaxy. He was a man driven to perfection, a brooding soul whose haunted eyes reflected the ...

  • Mestiko is a world on the brink of interstellar space travel -- and under covert Federation observation. When a rogue pulsar sweeps through their star system and threatens to destroy all life, the Federation mounts a desperate effort to save the plan...

  • Fractured history. Broken lives. Splintered souls. Since the alternate universe was first glimpsed in the classic episode "Mirror, Mirror," something about Star Trek's dark side has beckoned us, called to us, tempted us -- like forbidden fruit on the...

  • A social experiment was conceived. Its goal was to breed the best, the brightest, the most malleable and most loyal soldiers to ever serve. To this end, the Romulan Empire used its own children, blinded by the belief that anything that would bring gl...

  • Born in Brooklyn during the Great Depression, Helen Mary grows up being told what she can't do, but defies her ancestral Irish-Catholic guilt to become herself. Through her eyes we see the impact of WWII on working-class families, the deter...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Margaret Wander Bonanno has published 18 books.

Margaret Wander Bonanno does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Ember Days, was published in May 2018.

The first book by Margaret Wander Bonanno, A Certain Slant of Light, was published in August 1980.

No. Margaret Wander Bonanno does not write books in series.