Book List in Order: 52 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Fairy Bell Sisters

1) Sylva and the Fairy Ball (May-2013)
2) Rosy and the Secret Friend (May-2013)
3) Golden at the Fancy-Dress Party (Sep-2013)
4) Clara and the Magical Charms (Jan-2014)
5) Sylva and the Lost Treasure (May-2014)
6) Christmas Fairy Magic (Sep-2014)

Mr. Tiffin's Classroom

1) How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? (Jul-2007)
2) The Apple Orchard Riddle (Jul-2013)
3) A Poem in Your Pocket (Feb-2015)
4) The Dinosaur Expert (Jul-2018)
5) The Little Library (Mar-2021)

Robin Hill School

1) One Hundred Days (Jan-2003)
1) Too Many Valentines (Jan-2003)
3) The Counting Race (Jul-2003)
4) The Pumpkin Patch (Sep-2003)
5) The Playground Problem (Apr-2004)
6) A Tooth Story (Jul-2004)
7) Election Day (Aug-2004)
8) First-Grade Bunny (Feb-2005)
9) The First Day of School (Jul-2005)
10) Happy Thanksgiving (Oct-2005)
11) Groundhog Day (Jan-2006)
12) Happy Graduation! (May-2006)
13) Fall Leaf Project (Sep-2006)
14) The Luck of the Irish (Jan-2007)
15) Dad Goes to School (May-2007)
16) Snow Day (Nov-2007)
17) Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Jan-2008)
18) Halloween Fun (Aug-2008)
19) Earth Day (Mar-2009)
20) Class Mom (Jul-2009)
21) Picking Apples (Sep-2009)
22) Presidents' Day (Jan-2010)
23) The Garden Project (Jul-2010)
24) Wash Your Hands! (Sep-2010)
25) Class Picture Day (Jul-2011)
26) Butterfly Garden (Mar-2012)
27) Summer Treasure (May-2012)
28) Secret Santa (Oct-2012)
29) We Are Thankful (Sep-2020)
30) Pajama Day! (Dec-2020)
31) Star of the Class Play (Jul-2021)

Multi-Author Series List

Eloise (Ready-to-Read)

Eloise Breaks Some Eggs (Jan-2005)
Eloise Has a Lesson (Jan-2005)
Eloise at the Wedding (May-2006)

Kay Thompson's Eloise

Eloise at the Wedding (May-2006)