Book List in Order: 39 titles

Complete Series List in Order

An Alice Nestleton Mystery

1) A Cat in the Manger (Nov-1990)
2) A Cat of a Different Color (May-1991)
3) A Cat in Wolf's Clothing (Nov-1991)
4) A Cat by Any Other Name (Apr-1992)
5) A Cat in the Wings (Nov-1992)
6) A Cat With a Fiddle (May-1993)
7) A Cat With No Regrets (Oct-1994)
8) A Cat in a Glass House (May-1994)
9) A Cat on the Cutting Edge (Oct-1994)
10) A Cat in Fine Style (Nov-1995)
11) A Cat on a Winning Streak (May-1995)
12) A Cat in a Chorus Line (May-1996)
13) A Cat Under the Mistletoe (Oct-1996)
14) A Cat on a Couch (1996)
15) A Cat on a Beach Blanket (Jul-1997)
16) A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock (Oct-1997)
17) A Cat on Stage Left (May-1998)
18) A Cat of One's Own (Feb-1999)
19) A Cat With the Blues (Dec-2000)
20) Cat With No Clue (Dec-2001)
21) A Cat Named Brat (Jul-2002)
22) A Cat on the Bus (Dec-2002)

A Deirdre Quinn Nightingale Mystery

1) Dr. Nightingale Comes Home (Feb-1994)
2) Dr. Nightingale Rides the Elephant (Aug-1994)
3) Dr. Nightingale Goes to the Dogs (Feb-1995)
4) Dr. Nightingale Goes the Distance (Aug-1995)
5) Dr. Nightingale Enters the Bear Cave (Feb-1996)
6) Dr. Nightingale Chases Three Little Pigs (Aug-1996)
7) Dr. Nightingale Rides to the Hounds (Feb-1997)
8) Dr. Nightingale Meets Puss in Boots (Aug-1997)
9) Dr. Nightingale Races the Outlaw Colt (Feb-1998)
10) Dr. Nightingale Traps the Missing Lynx (Nov-1999)
11) Dr. Nightingale Seeks Greener Pastures (Jul-2000)
12) Dr. Nightingale Follows a Canine Clue (Jul-2001)

A Lucy Wayles Mystery

1) Beware the Tufted Duck (Oct-1996)
2) Beware the Butcher Bird (Jun-1997)
3) Beware the Laughing Gull (Aug-1998)