Dark Windows



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Johannesburg is becalmed. A wave of New Age belief and an apparent cure for crime have radically altered South Africa’s political landscape.

Jay Rowan has been hired to black out the windows of random vacant rooms. He’s trying to keep out of trouble, but he’s a pawn in political aide Kenneth Lang’s project Dark Windows. A mystical charlatan has convinced Lang’s boss that she can affect the ultimate transformation with a supernatural visitation, the Arrival, and Lang needs to prepare for its coming. When Jay and his married lover Beth Talbot realise that someone has died in every room, political and personal tensions come to a head and Jay, Beth and Lang must confront the past they’ve been trying to avoid.

Dark Windows is a smart, moody political thriller.

Reviews of Dark Windows:

“A too-close-to-home political thriller.” Dark Windows featured by the Sunday Times in a round-up of appealing dystopian fiction.

“It is the imagined world that the writer has created that sets this novel apart. It is an ingenious creation.” – Penny de Vries

“Thoroughly unpredictable, character-driven, quietly clever and illuminating through its spare, exacting prose.” – Cape Times

“Serious and interesting.” – Mail & Guardian

“This novel is one of the most interesting and remarkable to be published in South Africa for some time.” – The Times

“A quick-thinking, provocative piece ... The ending alone is worth the read.” – The Word Wrangler

“Greenberg has come of age as a writer, expertly investigating rebellion, responsibility and permanence.” – Sunday Times

“Dié apokaliptiese verhaal [boei] tot die laaste bladsy.” – Rapport

“Enjoy it for Greenberg’s very beautiful writing, his characters, and his insights into the personal side of SA politics, morality, faith, and human nature.” – Violin in a Void
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