The You-Can't-Make-Me Bride

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A Prince in Wolf's Clothing

Jenna Jean Anderson wasn't falling tug that "marry a nice doctor" routine. Dr. Stan Michaels was not husband material. She knew him when he was one of the bad boys in town, and Jenna prided herself on being very, very good. But that didn't mean she hadn't noticed his wickedly handsome grin, or the seductive gleam in his eyes ....

Now that Jenna Jean was all grown up and gorgeous, Stan longed to get next to his childhood nemesis. But the determined doctor knew he wasn't dealing with a small-town princess anymore. 'Cause only a queen could bring this confirmed bachelor to his knees!

HOW TO CATCH A PRINCESS: Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet the perfect groom. And three childhood friends are about to pucker up!
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