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    4 Books (2 Series)
  • First Book:
    April 2016
  • Latest Book:
    September 2023
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Full Series List in Order


1 - Consider (Apr-2016)
2 - Contribute (Jul-2017)

The Warning

1 - The Warning (Jun-2023)
2 - The Fallout (Sep-2023)

Book List in Order: 4 titles

  • Nominee:
    2017 Philip K. Dick Award

    As if 17-year-old Alexandra Lucas’ anxiety disorder isn’t enough, mysterious holograms suddenly appear, heralding the end of the world. They bring an ultimatum: heed the warning and step thro...

  • The holograms lied to everyone on Earth and only Alexandra Lucas knows the truth. Now she's trapped in the year 2359 without family or friends worse, without her anxiety medication. Alex attempts to reconcile the marvelous scenery, technological adva...

  • The end is coming. What would you do? The first in a fast-paced and gripping YA dystopian series for anyone who’s ever felt like their life -- their world -- is on the brink of destruction.Like most high school seniors, Alexandra Lucas is caught be...

  • They chose survival...but at what cost? A fast-paced, empowering YA dystopian novel for anyone who's ever felt betrayed, then came back stronger. The sequel to The Warning.Senior year would have been stressful enough without an apocalypse. When the h...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kristy Acevedo has published 4 books.

Kristy Acevedo does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Fallout, was published in September 2023.

The first book by Kristy Acevedo, Consider, was published in April 2016.

Yes. Kristy Acevedo has 2 series.