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    17 Books - 3 Series
  • First Book:
    September 2018
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    January 2024
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Full Series List in Order

Fear Zone

1 - The Fear Zone (Sep-2019)
2 - The Fear Zone 2 (Jan-2021)

Haunted Houses

1 - Scare Me (Jul-2020)
2 - Bury Me (Jul-2020)
3 - Haunt Me (Sep-2020)
4 - Follow Me (Dec-2020)


1 - The Collector (Sep-2018)
2 - The Collected (Sep-2020)

Book List in Order: 17 titles

  • Josie always liked visiting her grandmother in the countryside. But when her mother loses her job in the city and they're forced to relocate along with Josie's sister, Annie, she realizes she doesn't like the country that much. Especially because Gra...

  • If you don't stand up to your fears,
    they will destroy you.

    When five kids are invited to a cemetery at midnight, they think it's just a prank. When they find a gravestone that instructs them to dig up a grave, they think it's just a joke.<...

  • In too deadly.In too deep.Samantha and Rachel used to be friends. But then Rachel betrayed Samantha . . . and Samantha decided to make her life a living nightmare.Then one day, Sam and Rachel found themselves in a fightby a lake.Samantha pushed Rache...

  • You can't keep a dead doll down in this creepy new novel from the author of The Collector.

    Some dolls never die.

    No one ever leaves Copper Hollow. It's a town with a deadly history . . . but nobody ever talks about it.


  • A haunted house has come to life in this spine-tingling novel from the author of The Collector

    They've lost control of the haunted house.

    Every year, the town of Happy Hills holds its haunted house contest. In a spooky old manor...

  • From horror superstar K.R. Alexander . . . Something horrible happened to Josie -- something so horrible she won't talk about it. But when the horror returns for her little sister, Anna, she's back in the battle against a fearsome force that manif...

  • From horror master K. R. Alexander, the tale of a sleepover where a vengeful ghost is the uninvited guest who won't leave . . . or let anyone else leave.

    It was supposed to be a normal winter sleepover. Hot chocolate and pillow forts a...

  • A new house brings new horrors and new ghosts in this spine tingler from K.R. Alexander.

    When Jack and his family moved into their new house, he thought his life was getting an upgrade. A manor, rather than his old small apartment? He could hav...

  • They thought the fears were gone.They thought the nightmares would stop haunting them.But the five of them were wrong.They’re older now. They’re friends. But that friendship can be shattered so easily when life turns scary again.It was bad enough...

  • The latest chilling frightfest from horror master K. R. Alexander . . . this time centering around a spooky hotel where guests do NOT check out the way they check in.When Jasmine moves to Gold River after her mother's death, she finds herself powerfu...

  • WESTWORLD meets CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY meets JURASSIC PARK, as kids win a chance to enter the place of their dreams -- and find that it quickly turns into a nightmare.It's all anyone talks about, and it's all Cody dreams about. It's the bi...

  • In the latest chiller from million-copy-seller K.R. Alexander, author of THE COLLECTOR and THE FEAR ZONE, an app that allows you to see ghosts can only lead you to horrifying sights...Do you think an app that allows you to see ghosts would be cool? W...

  • From kid horror master K.R. Alexander, the story of a virtual friend that puts the fright into stage fright.Naomi is petrified of the talent show her school is putting on. She can't be out there alone in front of all those people... not without seri...

  • From kid horror master K.R. Alexander, the story of spirit that comes back to life... by taking your body.You've been warned -- if you summon a spirit, it may want to go back to being human... by living inside you. Another chilling tale from K.R. Ale...

  • From bestselling horror master K.R. Alexander, a twisted take on a school for magic where the line between curse and survival is always shifting.Sebastian Wight is cursed. As a boy with the forbidden ability to traverse the lands of the dead, he must...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

K.R. Alexander has published 17 books.

The next book by K.R. Alexander, LAST ONE LAUGHING, will be published in January 2024.

The first book by K.R. Alexander, The Collector, was published in September 2018.

Yes. K.R. Alexander has 3 series.