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    July 1998
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    December 2001
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  • Once Upon A Season... ...deep in the heart of the country, there lived a pretty young miss with raven tresses, who dreamed of a London debut. But alas, Melissa Harrington's future lays in the hands of her nipfarthing stepmother who thought only of ...

  • Every afternoon, the cat that belongs to Lord Stonehill's sister disappears, only to return with a new toy or a bright ribbon. Intrigued, Stonehill follows the feline Felix, and finds the puss has a young family--and a new friend, the lovely Miss Mar...

  • LOVE IS BLIND IN A DOUBLE MASQUERADE. When country orphan Samanta Bennings ran away to escape marriage to a pinched-face preacher, she encountered his very opposite at the Two Feathers Inn. A divinely handsome gentleman, who mistaking her for a ligh...

  • Mothers--they wipe away the tears and share a wonderful kind of love. It's hardly surprising that the resourceful children of Regency widows decide that their dear mamas have been alone too long and start searching for those special men who will put ...

  • LOVE'S SECOND SEASON Four years ago, one waltz with a handsome costumed "pirate" told Holly she'd met the love of her life. One kiss, and she promised to meet him the next afternoon for a romantic tet-a-tet,. But never did she see his face, for th...

  • A mystery man may sweep a lady to romance -- or ruin.... THE SPINSTER...AND THE SECRET ADMIRER There had never been a valentine for overly tall and unfashionable Vanessa Holland... until she went to work at Lord Thurston's estate. Experienced a...

  • Tempting Fate Upon the death of her beloved grandmother, Tessa Lockhard receives a faded letter and a beautiful pendant--and learns the stunning news that she was adopted at birth. Shunned from her social circle by way of malicious gossip, she l...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kathryn Kirkwood has published 7 books.

Kathryn Kirkwood does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, A Townhouse for Tessa, was published in December 2001.

The first book by Kathryn Kirkwood, A Match for Melissa, was published in July 1998.

No. Kathryn Kirkwood does not write books in series.