Keeping Her SEAL



  • Contemporary


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He’s too young, too hot and too much of a player for her tastes.

Jace Custer followed his former SEAL team to the Caribbean in hopes of answering the question: what’s next? But he doesn’t fit in at Duchess Island like he did in Iraq. When the chemistry between Jace and bar owner, Stella Chase, heats up, he realizes he wants more from her than just a job. Stella can’t trust her bartender with her heart, not when she doesn't have much of one left after a horrific divorce. Plus, he's Jace. Never serious and never with just one woman. Jace is determined to strip away her preconceptions of him… but she’s just as determined to hold him at arm’s length. Can he convince her a recovering player can change his stripes? Or is he destined to never fit into his own life?

"Get ready for all the fireworks when a sexy SEAL sets his sights on an older woman!"~Amazon reviewer
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