Love in the Afternoon


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From New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins, a modern-day fairytale following a reclusive man who has hidden himself behind a wall of thorns and the woman who, armed with a pair of garden shears, is determined to tear it down.

After his wife left him for a wealthier and far more outgoing man, shy IT specialist Jake Kaine decided to heal from his wounds in isolation and now runs his successful business from home. Refusing to go out except when absolutely necessary, he allows weeds and thorny shrubs to overrun his property and discourage visitors. But when Sofia Rodriguez moves in next door, Jake’s solitary life is abruptly turned upside down.

A young widow with two small children and a passion for horticulture, Sofia finds her reclusive neighbor’s thorn wall an intriguing challenge. At first, she has no idea how to breech the literal and metaphorical walls Jake has built around him. But with the help of her best friend Taylor Dove, whose legendary Dove family magic gives her a super green thumb, Sofia arms herself with new weapons. Though he battles her every step of the way, Jake soon discovers that his self-imposed exile may be no match for the fierce determination of a woman wielding a razor-sharp pruner and enough love in her heart to make even the most stubborn flower bloom.

Featuring Karen Hawkins’s signature “witty and humorous dialogue and sizzling sensuality” (RT Book Reviews), Love in the Afternoon is a charming and unforgettable novella that is perfect for fans of Sarah Addison Allen and Karen White.
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