Lost and Found



  • Contemporary


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Peggy Madison had been through an incredible year, but all her friends hope that the worst is behind so that she can get a fresh start on life. The facts soon become obvious though: Chad's death has left hurts that aren't yet healed. Her behavior has become strange, she's drifting away from everybody, and she argues with anyone who crosses her path. Something's being held inside that her friends' hopes can't change.

Lexi Leighton has been Peggy's closest friend through the darkest moments, but now even Lexi is kept at a distance. When Lexi persuades Peggy to try out for a part in the school play, instead of it helping Peggy break out of her shell, things get even worse!

What is going wrong with Peggy? Will Lexi's suspicions prove true?

Somehow...someone must uncover Peggy's secret before she hurts herself!
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