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    January 1983
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    April 2022
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Multi-Author Series List

Star Trek

The Final Reflection (May-1984)
How Much for Just the Planet? (Oct-1987)
The Hand of Kahless (Nov-2004)

Star Trek: The Original Series

16 - The Final Reflection (May-1984)
36 - How Much for Just the Planet? (Oct-1987)

Book List in Order: 18 titles

  • "

    ""The best mingling of history with historical magic that I have ever seen.""-Gene Wolfe

    In a snowbound inn high in the Alps, four people meet who will alter fate.

    A noble Byzantine mercenary . . .

    A female Florentine physic...

  • Klingon Captain Krenn is a ruthless war strategist. But on a mission to Earth, Krenn learns a lesson in peace. Suddenly he must fight a secret battle of his own. His Empire has a covert plan to shatter the Federation. Only Krenn can prevent a war--at...

  • Dilithium. In crystalline form, the most valuable mineral in the galaxy. It powers the Federation's starships... and the Klingon Empire's battlecruisers. Now on a small,out-of-the-way planet named Direidi, the greatest fortune in dilithium crystals e...

  • Welcome to the midnight matinee, the great cinematic festival of horror. From the broken down picture palaces to glorious neon drive-ins, from the has-been stars of yesterday to the ambitious, rapacious would-be stars of tomorrow, from the tinsel ...

  • John M. Ford's The Scholars of Night is an extraordinary novel of technological espionage and human betrayal, weaving past and present into a web of unbearable suspense.Nicholas Hansard is a brilliant historian at a small New England college. He spec...

  • From the brilliant author of The Dragon Waiting and Growing Up Weightless, a novel that saw the cyberpunk future with stunning clarity, years before anyone else.Originally published in 1980, the legendary John M. Ford’s first published novel wa...

  • Out of print for more than two decades, John M. Ford's Growing Up Weightless is an award-winning classic of a “lost generation” of young people born on the human-colonized Moon.Matthias Ronay has grown up in the low gravity and great glass citade...

  • When Danny Holman leaves the cornfields of Iowa for the bright lights of Chicago, he expects his life to change. He just can''t guess how much and how fast. A violent incident on the road brings Danny the favor of a man known only as Mr. Patrise, ...

  • John M. Ford is an astonishingly versatile writer. He has written award-winning fantasy novels (The Dragon Waiting, winner of the 1984 World Fantasy Award), award-winning fantasy role-playing games (The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues), New York ...

  • The fiercest battles and proudest warriors throughout Klingon history are said to reflect the honor and glory of the race's first emperor, Kahless the Unforgettable. But history is not always truthful. And for both the Klingon Empire and the United F...

  • "An Act of Mercy" by Megan Lindholm (Robin Hobb) and Steven Brust''The World in the Rock" by Kara Dalkey"Baker's Dozen" by Bradley Denton"Green Is the Color" by John M. FordBonus! Four songs:"City of Luck" by Jane Yolen"The Ballad of the Quick Levars...

  • "Cenedwine Brocade" by Caroline Stevermer"A Hypothetical Lizard" by Alan Moore"Training Ground" by Nancy Kress"Riding the Hammer" by John M. Ford"Liavek is a place worth visiting. Get there before another volume comes out." -- VOYA...

  • "The best writer in America, bar none." -- Robert JordanAt last, the final work of John M. Ford -- one of the greatest SF and fantasy authors of his time.Enter the halls of Parliament with Varic, Coron of the Corvaric Coast. Visit Strange House with ...

Award-Winning Books by John M. Ford

The Dragon Waiting: A Masque of History
1984 World Fantasy Award -- Novel
Growing Up Weightless
1994 Philip K. Dick Award -- Novel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

John M. Ford has published 18 books.

John M. Ford does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Aspects, was published in April 2022.

The first book by John M. Ford, The Dragon Waiting: A Masque of History, was published in January 1983.

No. John M. Ford does not write books in series.