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    August 2006
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    June 2023
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  • Four families. One tunnel. And the survival of the country is at stake. Against the backdrop of serial terrorist attacks in New York City, psychic medium John Edward’s second novel follows the lives of four people and their diverse experiences wit...

  • Four families, one tunnel…and the survival of the country at stake: psychic medium John Edward sets his suspenseful second novel against a backdrop of serial terrorist attacks in New York City. Drawing from his expertise in psychic phenomena, ...

  • A warm and poignant story about one family and how it handles life, love, and death over the generations. In this reissue of his first novel, John Edward draws upon his vast experience with people throughout the world -- and their loved ones who ...

  • Combine the intensely personal quest for spiritual actualization of William P. Young's The Shack with the heart-pounding tension of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, and you get New York Times bestselling author John Edward's Fallen Masters. Fallen M...

  • Nika, is a happy young girl who lives with her mom and Buddy, their Labrador Retriever. She and Buddy are the very best of friends. Together, and apart, they experience many different adventures throughout the series, and in this particular book, Nik...

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    Internationally acclaimed psychic medium and best-selling author John Edward has captivated audiences worldwide with his unique abilities to connect people with loved ones who have crossed over to the Other Side. Now in this groundbreaking book, John...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

John Edward has published 6 books.

John Edward does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Nika & Buddy, was published in June 2023.

The first book by John Edward, The Tunnel, was published in August 2006.

No. John Edward does not write books in series.